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Ant Control In San Jose

Reliable Ant Control For Everyone In San Jose

Trying to control the ants in your yard can feel like a Sisyphean task. From stomping out anthills to breaking up food trains, it seems almost impossible to keep their populations in check. So when an endless number of California ants start to make their way inside, you already know DIY alone isn’t enough to stop what’s coming. 

The pros at Citra Pest Control are no strangers to ants in San Jose. With nearly ten years of experience in the industry and a glowing list of reviews, we make short work of invading insects with our high-quality treatments and same-day services. We treat the inside of your San Jose home and outside to ensure the best results, then offer detailed ant prevention tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe.

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Our Ant Control Process

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The best ant control programs offer solutions for both today and tomorrow – which is exactly what the pros at Citra Pest Control do best. We provide same-day treatments to help you get control over current infestations. Next, we offer follow-up visits, ongoing services, and detailed education about ants and their behaviors. 

Here’s what you can expect when you first call our business. 

  • Inspection: The professional team at Citra Pest Control needs to locate the ant infestation around your property. We may scan the interior of your building to hunt for entry points or look around the outside for ant hills, water sources, and food supplies. We instantly alert you to anything important seen along the way, including the major contributors to the infestation and any secondary pest infestations. 
  • Treatment: Now that we’ve identified the ant species living near your home, we can begin the process of treating the area against current and future activity. Inside the home, we use sprays, baits, and specialty gels to manage increasing populations. Depending on the environment in question, we can also provide minor exclusion. Next, we provide foundation sprays and granular treatment to the outside of your property. Our goal is to cut off invading ants and make your home less welcoming to intruders. Although we do offer traditional ant products, green treatment options are also available upon request. These specialty products may be safer for children, pets, and the environment, making an impact on San Jose pests without harming those you love. Just give us a call today to discuss your options. 
  • Follow Up: Ant control in San Jose is all about consistency. Once your first treatment is applied and settled, our team returns at scheduled intervals to ensure your yard stays safe. We may recommend selected treatments, re-evaluate conducive conditions, or provide more detailed information about prevention tips for your lawn. Plus, we treat the inside and outside of your home depending on your needs. 

The professional team at Citra Pest Control understands the importance of education in pest control. Apart from providing excellent services and targeted products, we also pride ourselves on robust customer education. We love chatting with clients about what they can do to keep their homes and businesses safe from invasion, especially when it comes to practical prevention tips and other ways to get rid of ants.

We may advise: 

  • Methods of removing harborage zones, including dense vegetation, puddling water, and fallen fruit from orchard trees. 
  • The elimination of food and water sources that may be attracting ants too close to the home. 
  • Solutions for ants returning to the inside of your home, including the installation of new screens, kickplates, and window seals. 
  • The temporary removal of attractant factors such as bird feeders, hummingbird stands, and wood piles near the sides of the home. 
  • A more generalized pest control treatment to remove preying insects, as well as secondary pests such as beetles and spiders. 

For more information about the effective pest control services in San Jose from Citra Pest Control, reach out to our team at your earliest convenience to set up a time to inspect your home.

Another Day, Another Treatment, And Another Ant-Free Lawn

A green, clean, and ant-free yard isn’t just the stuff of fairy tales. For the professional team at Citra Pest Control, it’s something we do for customers every day. We strive to deliver exceptional outcomes in every single treatment, helping you take back control of your home or business from Californian ants.

Start the pest control ant treatment process with Citra Pest Control today. Just contact our office to set up a same-day treatment or to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in San Jose.

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